Makeup for brides in london and nearby counties

Helen-Essex Wedding

Bride Helen - Essex Wedding

Stunning bride Helen made my makeup job very easy. Beautiful freckles, sunkissed skin, cheekbones to be envied... I've complimented her skin tone with the fresh and glowing tones and textures but amped it up with the earthy-tones, smoky eyes.

Photo: Abigail Fahey Photography

Yasamin - London Bride

Bride Yasamin at Marriott Hotel in London

The eyes have it when it comes to Yasamin, so I felt compelled to cater to her stunning eyes, with the full service - two-toned eyeshadow choice and a killer winged eyeliner, with her natural power brows finishing the look.

Photo: Terri Pashley Photography

Michelle - London Bride

Bride Michelle at Goring Hotel in London

This statuesque stunner favours one particular Mac matt eyeshadow in a gorgeous purple-grey tone, so it was easy to create very flattering, soft, smoky finish. Everything else just fell into place around it, the white pearly smile is the evidence.

Photo: Terri Pashley Photography

Bride Nic - Essex

Bride Nic - Essex Wedding

It was not difficult to prettify the clever and already pretty Nic. She likes her eyeliner, we've added some individual lashes and peachy-pinky tones for lips and cheeks but nothing too overwhelming. The sun was shining bright on this summer day, so I let her beauty shine, not to be outshined by makeup, naturally.

Photo: Terri Pashley Photography

Terri - Cotswolds Bride

Bride Terri - Cotswolds Wedding

Terri's face is make-up artist's dream. Fair-skinned English rose, with full lips, big eyes of stunning blue-green and in-between colour and the eyebrows Cara Delevingne doesn't even have. So what is there to write in terms of makeup for this beauty? Only that the brushes led me create the look as if in trance.

Photo: McKinley-Rodgers Photography

Emma - London Wedding

Bride Emma - St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

Emma is like the life-size version of the original Barbie doll we all wanted to own once, with the big brown eyes and a heart-shaped face, high fashion sense but also witty and kind-hearted all in one. I've opted for various Mac pigment eyeshadows, blended into perfection, individual false lashes and brown lip pencil that strongly resembled popular Spice shade, favoured by models in the 90's and having a constant revival.


Bride Zuzana

Bride Zuzana at Trencin Castle in Slovakia

Zuzana's amazing green eyes command all the attention. I opted for soft champagne tones for the eyes and kept her fair skin fresh, with the lush, rosy colour for the lips on this hot, summer wedding day.

Shaazia Wedding

Bride Shaazia - Wedding in Richmond

Shaazia's gorgeous, traditional wedding dress and the bold jewellery brought plenty of inspiration my way and the results really pleased me, with full set of false lashes to finish off the stunning - and very chilled-out - bride's look.

Bride and the bridesmaids

Bride and the Bridesmaids at Grove House in Roehampton

I've prettified the whole bridal party of these fabulous girls and the sunshine and stunning background setting did the rest.

Photo: McKinley-Rodgers